This woman speaks the truth

Long ago the government shutdown was written in the sand of the Republican mentality.

This is why for many, many months all attempts by the Democratically controlled Senate to discuss and negotiate the terms of a fiscal budget for the United States were met with stony rejection, callous indifference, complete refusal to talk, refusal to confer, refusal to negotiate.

It was written.

This woman lays it all out, step by step. Watch this video to see what you must in order to see.

In the past I’ve supported Republicans. I began with the first Nixon presidential campaign. I’ve been consistently disappointed. The Republican Party has in recent decades been taken over by various extremist groups with this last takeover by the “Tea Party” the most egregious. At best these people are clueless. They have no appreciation for this country. They are not patriots. They are stone cold destroyers.

As a capitalist my entire life I can assure you these people are not good for capitalism or for our country in any way, shape or form.

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