Now, a ‘Negative View’ of ‘Blacks? Are you kidding me?

ShootoutPieces of the AP article with my comments:

Racial attitudes have not improved in the four years since the United States elected its first black president, an Associated Press poll finds, as a slight majority of Americans now express prejudice toward blacks whether they recognize those feelings or not.

[editor:  I find that amazing and ridiculous. That a prejudice exists in respect of the color of a man’s skin, or culture for that matter,  is pathetic. Were there a thousand people in the United States today with the brainpower and cool of President Obama I would doubt very seriously.]

In all, 51 percent of Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes, compared with 48 percent in a similar 2008 survey. When measured by an implicit racial attitudes test, the number of Americans with anti-black sentiments jumped to 56 percent, up from 49 percent during the last presidential election. In both tests, the share of Americans expressing pro-black attitudes fell.

[editor: So there are more people overcome by jealousy? So more people now want the best leadership (read management for hire)  so long as it comes just from a “white” skinned man?]

Obama has tread cautiously on the subject of race, but many African-Americans have talked openly about perceived antagonism toward them since Obama took office

“Part of it is growing polarization within American society,” said Fredrick Harris, director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University. “The last Democrat in the White House said we had to have a national discussion about race. There’s been total silence around issues of race with this president. But, as you see, whether there is silence, or an elevation of the discussion of race, you still have polarization. It will take more generations, I suspect, before we eliminate these deep feelings.”

[editor: Oh, for God’s sake. Another hundred years? Are we just a nation of total morons?]

The rest of that article is here. Read up.

But I’m not done.

What I want is good management. It’s just that simple. I go to the booth to vote for managers of the government that I, along with everyone else, own. I own it. You own it. We all own it. So we elect managers. We have to have managers. So we hire these people. Now I give a flying damn whether the best managers are white, green, purple, brown, or pink. I want brainpower and cool and, for God’s sake, ability. I want to see a good team. I’m watching one now, actually, and I am hearing this crap about skin color for God’s sake.

Am I just out to lunch? I mean am I in the wrong place at the wrong time? The wrong country? Hey, I’m freaking 70 years old and I got over this color crap by the time I was three. I wasn’t impressed by the ‘adults’ around me with their ‘prejudice’ shit. My best friend was a brown kid. I’d climb into his window in the afternoon to get him to come out and play. He was the son of my “nanny” and lived in a little house behind mine in Memphis. I was told not to do that. I was told in no uncertain terms not to do that. You know what I told my mother in response? Do you have a clue? You don’t want to know what I said. Such language is not for kids to say unless they see a travesty, major bullshit, a freaking joke.

I have zero respect for people with prejudice. They are weak and pathetic. If you are one of them don’t ever come back to this site. You don’t belong here.

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