Even more two geezers

From Geezer R:

I will say this —-

Romney’s choice of Ryan as VP is one very  fascinating move. Ryan is infinitely stronger than Romney in just about every way. Romney is a panty-waist in comparison.  Ryan is as far right as they come and contrasts sharply with Romney’s past and current profile.  I suspect Ryan was chosen not by Romney but rather by the Republican ‘base’. I can’t see Romney choosing this guy (except for the fact that he’ll do whatever is necessary to make a deal and I really do understand that).

Needless to say, I have no respect for Romney but I do have respect for Ryan (though his stated ideology disgusts me).

I don’t think they have a chance. I’d hate to be wrong on this because it would mean I had severely misjudged basic human common sense, at least the part that applies to the ‘majority’ of us.

I guess we’ll see.

From Geezer K:

All Ryan has said is he wants to make a six percent cut in the budget and eveyone goes nuts on the other side. What is so radical about that?  He is also ready to sit down and discuss it with them, which the other side will not do.

From Geezer R:

To say that ‘the other side’ will not sit down with him is mistaken. The fundamental policy of the current Republican ‘party’ is to do anything possible, say anything possible, to defeat Obama in any and every way possible. This has been articulated most magnificently (though not exclusively) by Michelle McConnell. (Sorry, was that supposed to be ‘Mitch’?)

I don’t know about people who might be going nuts but I will say that Ryan, being one of the last publicly serving acolytes of Ayn Rand, does not own his own mind. He is sharp but not intelligent. He has a mind but it is anchored in the muddy philosophy of a crazed bitch-woman who suffered at the hands of communist men during a terrible childhood.

Ryan’s brain has no depth.

He has worked assiduously on a budget plan which, while being a good piece of work, has made no attempt to relate to the real world. It’s good only in the sense that it required work to assemble. So did Mein Kampf.

There’s really nothing radical about making a 6% cut in the budget. It’s just that it is truly stupid.

The solution to our problems here in the U.S. is simple. Go over the ‘fiscal cliff’. Suffer for 6 months, and then start standing tall again, slowly but with good muscle. There is no other solution. While in the process of standing tall, fix the freaking tax code. What could be more obvious, or even more simple?

More will be coming, I’m sure.

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