More two geezers

Taken directly from emails:

From Geezer R:

America’s Energy Seen Adding 3.6 Million Jobs Along With 3% GDP

From Geezer K:

Obama is trying to take credit for every one of those jobs even though not one of them took place on Federal land or required a Federal permit to drill.

From Geezer R:

Hmmm … well, I haven’t heard him try that. I thought everyone knew that most of the fracking so far has occurred on private land. But I don’t give a shit who takes credit for it. The fact that it’s working big time is good for me. North Dakota is taking credit for a lot of it and, by god, I’m with them.

However, I guess we (we the people, we the government) could take credit for the 49,000 leases covering 38 million acres of federal land and 90,000 drill holes.

Especially in view of the fact that 3,400 new wells are drilled on that land every year in recent years, and that 90% of them employ fracking.

We might also take some credit for the fact that while fracking has been around for decades the technique that enables it to actually work was developed in a Federal lab. I guess we could take credit for that.

While we’re on North Dakota — The thing that distinguishes them is that they have their own Central Bank, which is about the coolest thing I’ve seen since bottled blood.  Or since our own Central Bank was formed. Pretty freaking sharp. I have an old friend up there and he’s proud, as he should be.

Here’s a fair article on the big news re: fracking —

Yes, it’s becoming huge. And the federal government (that’s us, dude) is involved. There will be new standards re: safety but even the most right wing agree that nothing is out of order. It’s all cool. Here’s the Forbes take on it:

Well, all I can say finally is — whatever is going on, we did it. We the people.

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