Two geezers in a cage fight

Taken directly from emails:

From Geezer R:
You know what I’d really like? Your take on ‘Globalization’.


From Geezer K: (Responses by Geezer R are shown below each paragraph)

That is not a fair question.. Globalized trade? Globalized legal system?  Globalized government?  WHAT?

All of the above, of course. One leads to the other inexorably. We saw the beginning with the Marshall Plan and then GATT and then the WTO. Meantime, we had the U.N., the Hague (the ICJ and the ICC) and more.

We are entering an era of globalized trade now. We are finding that combining all of Europe in one monetary system without a common central bank and legal structure probably won’t hold together. No two countries in Europe will surrender their sovereignty to the others. Any idiot could have figured that out before they tried it.

I’d say that we are well into globalized trade, a full generation, and absolutely balls-out for the last 15 years.

I love your last sentence here — ‘any idiot could have figured that out before they tried it’. I totally agree. Of course, most did figure that out and pressed ahead anyway figuring that with the passage of each generation the opposition to ‘total federalization’ would decline. I see that decline as well under way. The centuries of fighting with one another over warped visions of ‘dominance’ has come to an end. Cultures are merging. Germany will bear the highest cost near term, albeit temporarily.

So will the ‘sovereignty’ of any two countries be surrendered to the whole of Europe? Yes, absolutely. It is absolutely inevitable and it is well on the way.

The trick was to enable restriction free travel between the countries and to eliminate tariffs. Done. The rest is inevitable. The last barricade, language, is giving way as we speak.

The Euro may not last.

Sure it will. The integration is being done step by step. With a common currency Germany instantly became the big (albeit temporary) winner since they export big time to the other EU countries and no longer had to fear the periodic defense against their endless exports by the currency devaluations of the others. Of course, Germany has been winning big.

This ends now, however.

We are at the point where several of the countries are awakening to the situation, in depth. The people are awakening. In even thinking of dropping out of the EU they threaten significant and long-lasting pain on Germany. Germany will adjust. They must. The hard line they’ve taken so far is a good line, for what it’s worth, but it’s about to change. They are about to spread their legs.

I also don’t think that the people of the US will surrender their rights under the Constitution to some foreign legal system either. Not if they are smart and I think they are. The US is unique in that it has the most Liberal Constitution on earth that is defended by the most conservative military on earth. Tough to find in other countries and tough to export.

Well, I gotta agree with that. But it has nothing to do with our rights or the Constitution. It has to do with our culture. We have a combative, acquisitive, aggressive culture and it is still quite young and fresh. No way we’re gonna be pussy-footing around anytime soon. We still essentially run the globe in all matters of consequence. Most, if not all, nations have acquiesced to one degree or another to our leadership. On balance, give or take a moron or two here and there, we have provided highly respected leaders and where the various populations are concerned, we are a much loved people.

Having said that, the institutions which presume to manage global affairs are, for the most part, our creations. Hence we will follow through with the globalization process since, when it’s said and done, it is in our interest to do so. We’ve raised our flag over the world and it is flapping in a pretty good breeze.

As trade between nations in the pacific rim increases the ties they have to each other would logically keep them from fighting over territorial claims on each others territorial waters and resources.. Not true.. As China increases its military strength, it makes more and more demands on its neighbors.. I think the benefits of globalized trade are not yet overcoming naked NATIONALISM and might never do so.

Now this is a very good point. Whereas I see Europe and the American continent becoming essentially one over time, I also see the same thing happening around Asia. But that event horizon is much further away. They are behind the curve, but catching up rapidly, perhaps. China will lead, of course, and with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (set up about 15 years ago) they’ve made the first tentative step.

But what will it amount to? Our elite managers have been astute enough over recent years to direct enough of the manufacturing wherewithal of the United States to that previously agrarian and nearly destitute country to cause them to join the world. Our world. The largest economy on earth has sparked the growth of the largest nation on earth and welcomes it into the capitalist fold. Similar, in a way, to what Britain did for India.

Where China’s slowly increasing military strength is concerned I’d say … well, we’re watching. Most of it is naval and that fits with their increasing need for sea lanes around the world to assure the flow of resources to their ‘homeland’. Nothing new there. Every damn one of us does that. We showed them how to do it. That’s what navies are for. As far as the ‘it makes more and more demands on its neighbors’ — I might have a problem with that. China just wants passage without problems. Their takeover of the Paracel Islands with their establishment of the new ‘city’ Sansha is absolutely to be expected and was an intelligent move. No one else has a more legitimate claim to that little spot of land, and if someone did have a claim they wouldn’t know what to do with it. We showed these China-men how to do this and then we gave them the reason to do it. We don’t have a problem. Any demands it might make on a neighbor is nothing more or less than a request of the United States to allow free passage as appropriate. All the nations surrounding China are allied with us. We agree. Let them build. Let them travel.

The only good signs of  liberalized trade that I see which seem to be leading to  peace are between Pakistan and India.

I’ve not kept up with that one! Good shot! I’ll attempt to get up to snuff. Good one Dude. I will say this though, where liberalized trade and peace are concerned …..  that’s what the China experiment is about. Entirely. It’s called preemptive peace. Same deal with Russia.

Thank you Mr. President Nixon. sir, and those who followed.


Drawing by M K Brooks. Copyright 2012. No further republication without copyright owner’s permission.
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