The Great Republican Debate

This is strictly an opinion.

On foreign policy the only man there who made sense was Ron Paul. But you have to buy his vision, and I don’t. He’s an Ayn Rand acolyte as was Greenspan. Greenspan was a joke.

The rest of them were just comical. Flapping mouths of men desperate for a job. They want to get their gums around the greatest teat on the planet and they’ll say or do anything to get even the recognition for having seriously contended.

In regards to the Executive Branch the Republicans don’t have a chance this time.

What I’m really interested in is what will happen to the seats won the last time around. Our country has a major ideological problem. Damned few of us can get outside our religion or ideology in order to think objectively. That’s not good.

In the western world we are unique in this respect.

As a whole, are we just amazingly ignorant?

It all gets more interesting by the minute.

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