The beauty of a simple fact

Whereas the rightward tilt of the United States since the Reagan administration has created a large number of new billionaires, it has impoverished our country as a whole.

This fact cannot be argued. It is obvious in the extreme.

As a fifty year capitalist, entrepreneur, trader, investment banker and now observer I never paid a tax I could legally avoid. What was left to pay I paid without a qualm. It is elementary that I could have set up offshore companies to soak up profits and avoid all taxes entirely but I could not stomach that.

But I became an expert on how to do it. I actually did it once to shelter some investment profits arising from a merger I put together but it was legal then, barely. It’s an every day thing for U.S. corporations now and it is not legal. It is certainly not smart. The largest companies do it as a matter of course and it’s called outright evasion.

While running my companies I worked with the various unions. They represented my priceless employees and that was a good thing because so did I.

You got me on that? So did I.

As CEO and primary owner who the hell else would I represent?

The union busters of today make me sick. These are ignorant people who have no clue as to what it takes to make stuff, to get something done, to prosper, to build a company, to build a country.

As I look around me I know with certainty that I’ve gained more from contributing to my community, the United States of America, than I’ve gained from my own endeavors.

Now that’s a mouthful. But it’s true.

Our country has moved away from manufacturing what we consume to simply buying it from other countries with money earned by providing decreasingly valuable services to each other.

Our banks are controlled now by traders, not lenders.

It has not been this way since the early 1920’s.

This has to change.

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