Hosni Mubarak — 48 Hours

This moment in Egypt’s history might also be an insight into the nature of a man.

Hosni Mubarak has made clear in times past that he is a stubborn man. He has said as much. This stubborness may have been a great asset in the past and all evidence suggests that it was.

So how does a man’s great asset become, suddenly, a liability?

When events sweep like the wind past a man’s ability to cope, a man attempting to use his most familiar tool may find that particular tool ineffective, that’s how.

History will treat Hosni Mubarak in a very kind way. He has been a giant in all respects. He is not to be treated lightly, not to be slighted. He is the kind of man many other men would like to be.

His declared intention to remove himself from a leadership role in Egypt is obviously a true thing. This should be understood and respected. Whether this transition can happen within a few hours, within a few days, within a fortnight or within a few months remains to be seen.

I must say though that the man himself deserves to retire in peace within the country to which he has devoted his entire life.

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