Give me a Break!

A Word to the Would Be Wise

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you directly. Instead I’ve chosen to re-publish articles written by others who made some acute observations and some very succint points. I’ve respected the observations, agreed with the points and, with permission, republished.

But now as we become mired in the mid-term election hoopla wherein within weeks enough pure crap is bandied about to satisfy an ordinary country’s need for bullshit for a decade, I feel the need to speak.

First, I must remind you that I am a pure, unaldulerated capitalist and, if you will, a sovereign individual. I’ve never been a member of any political ‘party’ and have zero interest in becoming one.

I’ve visited several places around the world and have lived all over the United States. I am fully aware of the fact that I can live in any country I wish to live in. I choose the United States.

The United States is not an ordinary country.

So what does this have to do with the mid-term election hoopla?

This — right now, for this moment, I support the Obama administration without reservation, and also the Democratic Party and everything it is trying to do, without reservation.

Remember this: the 98% of the country who are not among the top 2% of the country work for, in one way or another, the top 2%. There is no question about this. The 98% are either employed by or buy the products and services of the top 2%. Without the 98% there would be no 2%.

What the smart ones among the 2% do is take care of their people, take care of their market. Like Henry Ford who massively increased the compensation paid to his assembly line employees (over what they could have earned at a competitor) while reasoning that he wanted the Ford employees to be able to buy a Ford. How simple can it get?

The idea here is that we have to take care of our country. The country consists of the 98% plus those pesky two percenters. Keep this in mind: we must take care of our country, and right now our country’s bank account is severely overdrawn.

My entire adult life (which started when I was eighteen) I’ve been a part of the two percent, and the vast majority of that time the top one percent. I’ve employed many people. But never have I resisted the call of my country. It needed people in the Army? I went. It needed tax dollars? The check’s in the mail.

Our country’s finances have bellied up over the past ten years. We brought on two wars, a massive tax cut and an $18 Trillion Dollar gift to the pharmaceutical industry via the Medicare Part D program, not a single cent of which was paid for. What the hell were they thinking?

Our government now is dealing with these problems and is trying to lessen them, trying to ameliorate them. Trying to make them become an unremembered slice of bad history. This government has my unaldulterated support. Anybody worth a damn has to feel the same way.

By the way, I’m all for the “Tea Party”. They are excising, one after another, some of the fiscally irresponsible ‘bad guys’. Way to go!

Having said that, it is amazing to me that so few people understand that the Democrats are far superior to Republicans when it comes to running the economy. I mean if people would simply google such search terms as ‘government employment’ to discover that under Republican administrations government employment escalates while under Democratic administration it declines. Or google ‘government debt annual’ (or some such words) and discover that government debt always heads straight up under Republican administrations while it slows massively during Democratic administrations. There’s no contest! Look at ‘jobs created annual’ or ‘annual employment’ and see in clear terms that Democratic administrations create many, many more jobs than Rebublican administrations. Spend a little time on the Bureau of Labor Statistics site (

Get serious. I can’t believe that everyone doesn’t know this. Doesn’t anyone do any homework before voting?

This tax issue now roiling around the country and congress is absurd. We need to raise money. This ten year tax cut the Bush administration put into effect is going to expire in December. We should let it expire. Every cent of it. That’ll make a $400 Billion annual difference in our deficit. Oh sure — we’ll still have a $600 Billion annual deficit and most of that will be due to the interest we have to pay on our debt.

I’m not going down on Reagan here (I liked him – who didn’t) but that dude tripled our national debt. Tripled! Then Bush Jr doubled the national debt. More than 70 percent of the national debt of the United States which has been accumulated over 225 years are traceable directly to the Reagan and Bush administrations.

Give me a break!

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