Some Wise Observations

During my daily reading I run across a great deal of good writing along with some not so good writing. This particular article got my attention from the start and kept me focused to the end. In the write-up entitled The Aftermath Of The U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq Hasan Kanbolat made some observations which could enlighten any interested reader. It comes from Turkish Press which for me has now become a regular stop.

Check this out:

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, the US was not familiar with the Middle East and the Arab world. It attempted to familiarize itself with the region through diplomats and Israel’s looking glass. Along with the occupation of Iraq, US military forces in particular were able to gain experience in dealing with the Middle East and the Arab world. This situation makes us think that the US may make radical changes in favor of Arabs, without neglecting Israel in its Middle Eastern politics.

Now that was just a sliver of one viewpoint from Turkey, a friend and major presence in the Middle East, a neighbor of Iraq, a heartbeat from the European Union and an ally of both the West and the East in every meaningful way.

Read up. Click the headline for the full story.

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