On a Man and a Woman

I had almost forgotten
that someone not myself
could be the center of perception.
In dancing, moving through your eyes
I’ve come to touch this truth
I had only hoped before.

I’ve walked every road and every byway
in my search for you.
I’ve come as close to giving up
as compromise would allow.
You were born to me as I am born in you.

Of your body I shall make a meadow where,
grazing in sweet grasses, I will feed my own.
Of your soul I shall make a repository
of all I’ve saved for you in a century
for so long I have waited
for the stepway to your eyes.

You, blessed girl, I now marry.

And here, as I hold you, I have at last touched
the perimeter of the universe and am whole.
My life has taken seed in the residue of your breath,
roots in the rich loam of your smile,
and as I touch you I shall grow.

  © 2009 Roger Tompkins.
All rights reserved. No further republication without copyright owner’s permission

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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