Seeing the Light

The following is an excerpt from a beautifully written piece by Frank Schaeffer which should be read in its entirety:

As I see it our choice is between a good and heroic old man whose time has past and who will perpetuate failed policy, a jaded woman of the establishment, who will do anything to perpetuate her family’s dynastic “claim” to power, and a brilliant, openhearted new founding father the likes of which America has not seen.

Obama comes to us from outside the system that has produced our present multiple crises of wars of choice and a failing economy. He does what all truly great leaders do: he speaks to the soul in plain self-revealing words of hope.

If we squander this undeserved reprieve and choose business-as-usual, if we don’t elevate ourselves out of our self-made mire, we will step into a future of steep and steady decline and war without end. It won’t matter if you are right or left. It won’t matter if the Republicans or the Democratic Party wins. We will all lose.

Read the entire piece here.

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