The Afghanistan Truth

Here’s one that’ll open up your sinuses. A short extract from a good piece:

The war against Afghanistan is no different, no more justifiable, and no more winnable than the war against Iraq. Both were underfunded, poorly planned and based on lies. Neither had anything to do with 9/11. And now, finally, the American public is starting to learn the truth.

George W. Bush’s war against Iraq, most Americans believe, was a distraction from the war on terrorism. But so was Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden has been in Pakistan since before 9/11. Bush knew that. Nevertheless, he bombarded the military dictator of Pakistan, who financed the Taliban and Al Qaeda’s training camps and hosted bin Laden, not with cluster bombs but with millions of our taxdollars. He never tried to catch Osama.

In Iraq, we won the invasion, but lost the occupation because Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld refused to deploy the “something in the order of several hundred thousand soldiers” that then-Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki told the Senate he needed to pacify the country. (Rumsfeld rewarded that accurate assessment by forcing Shinkseki to quit.)

Two years earlier, military officials had put in a similar request for the conquest of Afghanistan, a nation about the same size as Iraq that had in the past defeated both the British and the Soviets. Out of the 400,000 troops requested, the Pentagon received 8,000. Because of that decision in 2001, Afghans today are terrorized by bombings, kidnappings and murders by radical Islamists waging all-out civil war against the U.S.-backed puppet regime of Hamid Karzai. Afghanistan is every bit as much of a mess as Iraq.

Click the headline for the full story.

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