Democrats don’t need a new plan

No truer words were ever spoken. James Norton has written an excellent piece for the Christian Science Monitor which details exactly what this country needs to do, and I whole heartedly agree with him. Here’s an extract:

Democratic “weakness” isn’t a lack of strong ideas; it’s a pure lack of political discipline, a weakness magnified by the efficient internal discipline of the Bush-Cheney-Rove machine.

Voters don’t need a fancy new plan to be convinced to move back toward the Democratic status quo, despite what right-wing pundits have said about a hunger for some grand vision. It was, after all, a grand vision for democracy in the Middle East that popped the top off Pandora’s box. And a grand vision for “reforming” Social Security turned out to be the least popular thing since New Coke.

The Democratic plan, therefore, doesn’t need to be discovered, or forged by a team of visionaries. It’s already out there. It’s the return of good – or at the very least, harmlessly gridlocked – government. That means regulatory agencies headed by experts (not former lobbyists) and old-fashioned checking and balancing.

It’s the return of taxes being pushed in a progressive direction – with the megawealthy, who have gained the most from America’s infrastructure and its well- educated, healthy workforce, contributing the most per dollar earned to maintain the public good.

It’s a restoration of the separation of church and state, which history has shown is supremely healthy for both.

It’s coming back to the idea that America respects the idea of national self- determination, which means that American troops don’t belong anywhere they are unwelcome occupiers – such as the Shiite and Sunni areas of Iraq.

And so on … This is a great read. Click the headline for the full story.

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