Muslims fitting in … worldwide

An interesting collage/compilation of viewpoints expressed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike as the Muslim population expands into Western European countries. A few brief extracts:

(a) The violent demonstrations that erupted after publication in Denmark of cartoons depicting Muhammad have begun to subside, but discontent among Muslims continues to simmer in Western Europe, to which they have migrated in large numbers for decades in search of jobs …

(b) Holland’s reputation for tolerance is being tested as the country grapples with how to welcome and integrate its growing immigrant Muslim population — a community of 900,000 people who are increasingly vocal in demanding equality in Dutch society …

(c) Lebanese-born Dyab Abou Jahjah is the president of the Arab European League, a controversial Muslim civil rights group. Jahjah argues that the plight of Muslims in 21st-century Europe is no better than that of African Americans during the days of segregation …

(d) “We don’t want them to stay like they are. We don’t want them to be different. We want them to be exactly like us. And only when they are exactly like us, we will accept them.”

(e) As Islam’s presence grows what Western Europe is going through now should be familiar to the U.S., where dealing with newcomers has always been a challenge …

Click the headline for this fascinating, grass roots commentary on the migrating Muslim population.


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