Israeli company endorses port deal

The chairman of Israel’s largest shipping firm has strongly backed a deal that would give a Dubai-based shipping company control of several U.S. port terminals.

The revelation comes as Britain’s Royal Court of Justice tentatively approved the $6.8 billion merger between DP World and Britain’s P&O, the current operator of terminals at six key U.S. ports.

In a letter to Sen. Hillary Clinton, obtained exclusively by CNN, Israel’s Zim Integrated Shipping Services CEO, Idon Ofer, called DP World a strong business partner, despite the United Arab Emirates’ boycott of Israel.

“During our long association with DP World, we have not experienced a single security issue in these ports or in any of the terminals operated by DP World,” Ofer said in a letter written February 22. “We are proud to be associated with DP World and look forward to working with them into the future.”

Ofer said his company sends its ships into Dubai’s ports with other countries’ flags to skirt the boycott with Dubai and other Arab countries that do not have formal diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. Jordan and Egypt are the only Arab countries with diplomatic ties to Israel.

Click the headline for the full story from CNN.

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