Understanding Muslims

It should be obvious that the recently published cartoons have been no more than a proxy for millions of Muslims to protest the overall insensitivity of Western culture to the cultures of the East and Islam. Call it disrespect. Call it the straw, if you wish.

Though the camel’s back may not yet be broken, the camel is becoming quite tired, and, it seems, quite pissed.

James Carroll has written a good piece for the Boston Globe of which this is an excerpt:

Billions of dollars are being poured each month into the project of imposing an American solution on an Arab problem, and increasingly the solution looks, from the other side, like annihilation.

Muslims, that is, understand the new reality far better than non-Muslims do – the state of open cultural warfare that “the West” imagines is a narrowly targeted war against “terrorism.” Muslims, as Muslims, experience themselves as on the receiving end of a savage – but, alas, not unprecedented – assault.

Are they wrong? In the argument over “Enlightenment” values, sparked by the cartoons, some champions of free expression have fallen into the deadly old mistake that led, in the 20th century, to a grotesque betrayal of those very values – the over-under ranking of human beings, with the lives of some being counted as cheap.

Why are we killing them? As with multiple problems today, this one comes back to the misbegotten American war. It threatens to ignite the century, and must be stopped.

That’s pretty clear English. This piece is a good read. It behooves us to know as much as possible about the effects the things we do have on others, no? Who can argue with that?

How many know we were the ones who put Osama bin Laden in business? That we recruited him as a young man to set up and manage the insurgency that defeated the Russians in Afghanistan during the ’80s? That we supplied him with the ground-to-air missiles that brought down the Russian choppers which enabled the final victory? That we then ignored and disrespected him and the successful organization he had created, dedicated to running foreigners out of Muslim lands, now called al Qaida?

While we’re at it, show me the difference between our disrespecting bin Laden, after he had done our bidding, and our assurance to Saddam – who had also done our bidding in his war against Islamist Iran – that we’d not interfere with his move on Kuwait to settle an old dispute.

My point? If you’re gonna have an opinion, first learn the facts.

Anyway, read this piece and learn up. Click the headline.

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