Shooting accident becomes story

It is not because the incident itself is a story, it’s because the way it has been handled – or, rather not handled – by Vice President Dick Cheney, his office and the White House, that we have a story.

The incredible delay in reporting it, the non-responsiveness of the White House Press Secretary in discussing it, the non-response of the Vice President’s office in dealing with it, the contradictions as to whose idea it was to report it at all, and so on. Amazing.

Marlin Fitzwater, who served as White House press secretary from 1987 to 1992, refers in this headlined story to Cheney’s accidental shooting on Saturday of attorney Harry Whittington during a hunting trip at a Texas ranch. Although Whittington has survived he is still hospitalized. Cheney and the White House have been slammed for not revealing the incident to the press until late Sunday, hours after news outlets reported it.

And even then, it is said, that disclosure was only in response to a direct question by a member of the press.

More amazing, the “President”, Mr. Bush, is reported as having first learned of it even later, on Monday.

Anyway, click the headline for some interesting comments by a couple of former White House Press Secretaries.

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