The wise man speaks

William F. Buckley, Jr. has been for many, if not all of us, a beacon of eloquent and intellectually interesting conversation on all the major issues affecting the United States for the past several decades. He is a one off modern day Aristotle. Plato listens from the grave as does Shakespeare.

Buckley discusses the Iraq adventure:

The mills have been grinding feverishly in the matter of
Iraq. They have, for the most part, dealt with questions having to do with our entering the war, but these have led to promptings of different kinds on how to get away from Iraq.

As simple a statement as that is, it adequately describes the simple truth of the matter. How can one argue this opening remark?

But it’s just the firing of the blank in the pistol, the start.

What this Buckley column does is ask us to think. Now that’s a lot to ask. We are all so stolid with respect to our positions, how can we just stop and … think?

Buckley has been for many decades the thinking man’s ultimate conservative. Yes, of course, Republican. One can’t say by reading his words that he is disturbed more today about our little world that at any other time – he’s seen much, understands much – but it’s notable that he asks us to … think.

We probably should. Let’s begin by clicking the headline and reading the rest of his column.

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