How Sweet it is

The Folbot KiawahKayaking is one of the great joys in life, and absolutely anyone who has the use of both arms can do it. Flat water kayaking is not difficult, requires very little strength and can provide sheer, unadulterated pleasure for hours on end. Any lake, bay or slow moving river is a potential playground. Those new to kayaking are nearly always amazed at how comfortable and secure they feel as they paddle almost effortlessly, experiencing the delight of cruising so close to, almost as if one with, the water. On a good weather day you come in only if you are starving and have forgotten to pack a lunch.

The picture shown is the Kiawah, a folding kayak manufactured by Folbot in Charleston, South Carolina. It comes ready to travel in a soft backpack-style bag with shoulder harness, sternum strap and waist belt. It weighs just 34 pounds and is a breeze to assemble when you’ve reached your destination. It’ll take you anywhere you want to go on the water.

I’ve owned three Folbot kayaks (and several other kayaks and canoes) and can tell you without hesitation that they are one of the best boats you can buy, and are undoubtedly the best value. The Kiawah, for example, comes ready to swim for $1,270 and will last a lifetime. Compare that to, say, a motorcycle.

Personally, I’ll take the Folbot over any other folding kayak for its stability, tracking ability, comfort and durability. And, amazingly, it costs less than its competition. Folbot makes a variety of models and sizes and has been doing so since 1933. And yes, I prefer the Folbot folding kayak to any stiff frame boat whether kayak, canoe or row boat. Its stability, portability and silence in the water are priceless characteristics.

To get started with kayaking one does not have to buy a boat. Kayak rentals can be found almost anywhere there’s a large body of flat, or relatively flat, water. Since at the moment I don’t own a kayak, I will probably wind up renting one for my next water cruising adventure somewhere in Florida, exploring one or two of the many serenely beautiful waterways in that state.

The Suwanee River is calling.

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