The morning after

In an article that alludes to the hangover currently being experienced by the GOP we have this beginning:

A confidential memo circulating among senior Republican leaders suggests that a new attack by terrorists on U.S. soil could reverse the sagging fortunes of President George W. Bush as well as the GOP and “restore his image as a leader of the American people.”

Now that’s really amazing. How desparate are these people going to get? To even suggest such a thing is more cynical than Machiavelli himself would have admitted to being on his dying day.

The bullcrap that the current administration and its supporters have been slinging around for the last several years has finally come full circle. Even the disclosure of this memo indicates how terrified some of the regime’s supporters have become of being identified with it.

The article’s closing says it all:

As Republican political strategists scramble to find a message – any message – that will ring true with voters, GOP leaders in Congress admit privately that control of their party by right-wing extremists makes their recovery all but impossible.

“We’ve made our bed with these people,” admits an aide to House Speaker Denny Hastert. “Now it’s the morning after and the hangover hurts like hell.”

Click the headline for the full story.

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