The French Connection

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) runs a great new site where folks from around the world can comment on current events and read the comments of others. Among today’s topics was the question as to whether or not the French should impose a curfew to quell the riots now taking place in their erstwhile country.

I had to get my two cents in.

What I said was (and this is after editing heavily to meet the 500 character limit):

This is a big deal but not earthshaking. It will result in the imposition of the French equivalent of “Affirmative Action”, a program adopted by the U.S. under similar duress to hasten the assimilation of a large group of culterally divergent immigrants brought into the country to provide labor. It took the U.S. 100 years from the abolishment of slavery to begin true assimilation. The French must deal with a shorter time span but they’ll be fine, better for the experience. Curfews? Of course. For a few moments in time.

It’s just reality, folks.

Of course, impose curfew. You’re in government, you either get some control over this situation right now, bring some peace, or get the hell out of government.

After that, get a plan. Put that plan into motion. Solve this problem once and for all. Affirmative Action programs work. No citizen of any country who’s worth a damn wants a huge segment of his country’s population left out of the ball park at game time. We all play the same game one way or another and we have precious little time to do so. Get the hell with it. Integrate.

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