The long and short of it

You know, I’m 61 and I’ve never been an avowed member of any party. I’ve never been a ‘joiner’ and have never latched on to any social structure or been tempted by invitation.

I’ve always been the ‘sovereign individual’. I’ve never voted.

I’ve always loved my country but have never participated in activities not directly related to my business. Unless, of course, it was for pure fun. I’ve joined clubs for fun, a few of them.

Bikes. Kayaks. Boats. And to those clubs I’ve contributed in a serious way. I’ve single handedly cleared 75 acres of rough country so a pack of my comrades could ride dirt bikes fast. I’ve gone to war on issues affecting various memberships and have made a difference. But I was slow getting involved to begin with.

I’m an observer, a voyeur, a thinker. I’m a waste in terms of this country. Yes, I’ve paid, my companies have paid, my backers have paid, a great deal in taxes. Millions. But that’s nothing. In context of the opportunity, it’s nothing.

Most of the people who run this country, and most of the important people who support them, pay very little tax. And most of them are too stupid to know how important tax is.

The Roman Empire was all about taxation. The redistribution of wealth. The Roman Empire lasted a long time, far longer than (I hate to say it) we will last as a significant influence. Rome was a state of mind.

I’ve wanted to vote. Something came up each time. Weather, a committment, a date. Nothing important. I’ve screwed the only true license I’ve ever possessed. But I don’t stop seeing. I don’t stop observing. And I don’t miss much.

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  1. Kent says:

    Don’t be hard on yourself. Companies probably shouldn’t pay tax. Innovators probably shouldn’t pay tax. Consumers should pay taxes. They consume more than their share of government services. Companies and innovators provide jobs and increase productivity while consuming little in government services.Enlightened state and national governments like Ireland give tax holidays to innovators and new businesses.

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