The Language Guy

Mike Geis, who owns a Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics from M.I.T (following his B.A. in Philosophy from Rice), has developed a blog of compelling interest. The Language Guy is a collection of short essays which vivisect some of the more engaging issues of our time. His presentation is invariably on point and interesting enough to command a thorough read. And, his work is not without a healthy dose of humor when absolutely essential, which is quite often.

His latest entry at this writing is “What Constitutes a Human?” and begins as follows:

While I was an undergraduate at Rice, sometime between 1958 and 1961, a wonderful psych professor, Trenton Wann, who influenced me more than any other single person, had us read a novel You shall Know Them by Vercors in translation from the French original. Some years later I found a copy but now it is lost. But it raises the question of what are the criteria by means of which we recognize an entity as a human, an issue that is raised by the abortion issue.

This short, succinct essay is a great read but I’ll bet you don’t stop there. There’s so much more.

Click the headline to go straight to the site.

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