The Two Knocks on Miers

For once a sizeable group of the President’s supporters are not prepared to take Bush’s word that all will turn out O.K., that they should just trust him. Bush was showing “stunning arrogance,” declared Ann Coulter, to think he could just pick anyone he liked. “The President is not supposed to be nominating his personal lawyer for a job on the United States Supreme Court,” she said. “You don’t have your personal accountant replace Alan Greenspan. It’s embarrassing to hear people describe this as if this is the best woman Bush could get.” Veteran conservative activist Paul Weyrich saw insult in the assumption that Bush’s followers wouldn’t dare question his choice. “They are so used to conservatives falling in line, rolling over and playing dead–that’s what they expected,” he said.

This story puts an interesting perspective on the President’s nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court. Click the headline for a good read.

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