The war that was destined to fail

Again, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has published an exceptionally short and concise study of a major issue. This study won’t make the neo-cons or hawkish conservatives stand up and whistle but no can fail to be impressed by its logic.

The fat lady has not yet started to sing on our policies in the middle east. No one can yet say with certainty that we will be successful or unsuccessful with respect to our actions in that part of the world.

But it won’t be long.

Click on the headline to read this well written analysis.

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1 Response to The war that was destined to fail

  1. The war in Iraq is not going well. My heart goes out to the soldiers. Those guys are out there fighting for democracy in a country thats not their own, and hardly grateful for their presence. The administration had plans to get Saddam even before 911. They went to war based on weak intelligence and bad planning, for selfish reasons. Now, more than ever before, the U.S. has provoked the ire of Islamic fundamentalists, and it is more than reasonable to assume that somewhere, someone is plotting a massive attack against the U.S. But the fact remains – Iraq is a quagmire and it will be difficult for us to extricate ourselves from it in the near future. Bush will be leaving behind an international disaster for the next administration to fix. The only hope is that one day united Iraqis with establish a strong, democratic government and be able to take over the reigns of the country.

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