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I received the following post to our guestbook from a Rebecca Sather. It was so engaging I thought to reprint it here with only minor editing. The unedited version remains in the guest book which is easily accessable via a link on the sidebar. It’s apparently in response to one of my older exchanges found in ‘a few older posts’, the link to which is also on the sidebar.

This smoking issue has quite a few folks lathered up, and I’ll admit I’m one of them. Take a minute and find that older post on smoking. It was an exchange with a fellow named Jim Skoog five years ago. It’s the third post among the older ones and is titled ‘It’s all here’. I’d say it’s a pretty good read, presenting both sides succinctly.

Here’s what Rebecca said:

It’s nice to finally have a chance to have someone respond to this issue that isn’t a socialist/ fascist/ communist/ nazi on the issue of smoking. I get really tired of these government nanny types that ramrod through this issue thinking they can insult every smoker and everyone who’s a friend of smoker and not have to take a whipping for their pathetic behavior.

All my good and decent friends are smokers, and I’m constantly having to defend myself for “being a friend of smokers”. Instead of talking about the issue, I always end up “defending” myself, and I shouldn’t have to defend myself–nor should any smoker have to take this third class citizen treatment. If we were in Nazi Germany during WWII, I’d be burning in the crematoriums with the rest of the smokers.

And you’re right, smokers have never been the cause of smog, and never will be the cause of smog. They’d blame smokers for WWIII if they had a chance. They’re stupid imbeciles who can’t think for themselves and simply go around parroting anything and everything the fascist anti-smoking nico-phobes belch out there.

Smokers are welcome in my house anytime, welcome in my car anytime, welcome to sit with me anytime; welcome in my parks, and lovely places always.

I’d say Rebecca has just about had a bellyfull. You know, for about three hundred years the majority of folks in this country smoked, everybody got along fairly well, and whatever issues arose had nothing to do with smoking. What’s with the past ten years?

I distinctly remember that ten years ago there wasn’t an office in the country (ok, maybe a few exceptions, but damn few) that didn’t have ash trays sitting around everywhere for the convenience of guests, clients or whoever. Now it’s damn near against the law to think smoke. That’s a lot of movement in ten years.

A guy in Boulder, Colorado got a ticket the other day for smoking in his open convertible. There are entire cities where smoking is forbidden out of doors. There are state and local governments contemplating a ban on smoking in condos and apartment buildings. Where is this going? Is this just another wild, cyclical phenomena like prohibition? Frankly, I’m amazed by the vitriol out there.

Here is an amazing public service site which has compiled links to all lucid arguments on both sides: And here’s a very interesting blog offering all the latest and very scary news:

You tell me … what’s going on and for how long?

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